Thursday, March 2, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith: I am in love

"She loved me, she loved me not..."

She loved your money you shivering 89 year old BILLIONAIRE! DuH~! Why is this so hard to get? It's simple: The girl was a sex bomb, you couldn't even walk, and she still said she loved you: MONEY MONEY MONEY. She was 26 for whatever's sake!

That is the story of former play mate Anna Nicole Smith, I can't believe she actually said that marrying J. Howard Marshall after meeting up in GIGIS (where she worked as a stripper) was because of "true love". Oh wait, maybe she forgot to add "for ca$$$h".

It is sad how great romances often end in, you know, divorce and sometimes even the death of the hubby at the age of 90. Funny to think he died one year after he married her (married 1994, died 1995), and the funniest thing is that she never actually lived with the old man. Hmmm... That just adds a whole new perspective to marriage.


Off she goes to fight for ex-hubby's money. If this is not love, I don't know what is.